Celebrate Father’s Day at Somos Peru with a Special Menu

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and Somos Peru invites you to make this special day unforgettable by treating your dad to a unique dining experience. Join us as we honor all fathers with a delectable selection of authentic Peruvian dishes, crafted with love and tradition. To make this occasion even more special, we’ve […]

Discover the Magic of Pisco Sour at Somos Peru’s Happy Hour

Every second and third Saturday of the month, Somos Peru invites you to experience Pisco Sour madness from 17:00 to 19:00 with our exciting 2-for-1 special. This is the perfect opportunity to gather your friends and indulge in the refreshing taste of our expertly crafted Pisco Sours. As you mark your calendars and prepare for […]

Why Peruvian Food is Gaining Popularity Worldwide

Peruvian food has been experiencing a significant surge in popularity on the global culinary stage, and it’s not hard to see why. This cuisine, with its rich flavors, diverse ingredients, and unique culinary traditions, has captivated food enthusiasts around the world. Here are several reasons why Peruvian food is gaining such widespread acclaim. Culinary Diversity […]

Top 5 Must-Try Peruvian Dishes at Somos Peru in The Hague

Peruvian cuisine offers a wide variety of delicious dishes, each with its own unique flavors and history. At Somos Peru in The Hague, we bring these authentic flavors to you. Here are the top 5 must-try Peruvian dishes you can enjoy at our restaurant: Ceviche: This iconic dish features raw fish marinated in lime juice, […]

10 Fun Facts About Peru

Peru is a country filled with fascinating history, stunning landscapes, and unique cultural traditions. Here are 10 fun facts that showcase the diversity and wonder of this South American gem: The Amazon River Begins in Peru: The mighty Amazon River, the largest river in the world by discharge volume, originates in Peru’s Andes Mountains. Its […]

What Makes Peruvian Cuisine Among the Best in the World?

Peruvian cuisine has garnered widespread acclaim and recognition in recent years, earning its place among the world’s finest culinary traditions. Here are five key factors that contribute to the greatness of Peruvian cuisine: Diverse Culinary Influences: Peruvian cuisine is a melting pot of culinary influences from indigenous cultures, Spanish colonizers, African slaves, and immigrants from […]

Beyond Ceviche: Exploring Lesser-Known Peruvian Dishes Worth Trying

While ceviche often takes the spotlight as Peru’s most famous dish, the country’s culinary landscape is brimming with a diverse array of lesser-known delicacies waiting to be discovered. From hearty comfort foods to flavorful street snacks, Peruvian cuisine offers a treasure trove of hidden gems that are equally delicious and deserving of attention. Let’s embark […]

Sustainable Gastronomy: How Peru Leads the Way in Ethical Sourcing and Eco-Friendly Practices

Peru, renowned for its vibrant culinary scene and diverse gastronomic offerings, is also making waves in the realm of sustainable gastronomy. With a commitment to ethical sourcing, reducing food waste, and supporting local communities, Peru is emerging as a leader in promoting environmentally conscious practices within the culinary industry. Ethical Sourcing: Honoring Tradition and Preserving […]

Discover Peruvian Sweet Delights: The Top 5 Peruvian Desserts You Must Try

Peru boasts a rich culinary heritage that extends to its decadent desserts. Here are the top five desserts you simply can’t miss: 1. Crema Volteada: Say hello to Crema Volteada, Peru’s twist on the classic flan. This creamy caramel custard is a true indulgence, boasting a velvety texture and a rich caramelized flavor that melts […]

Vier Valentijnsdag bij Somos Peru

Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day with an unforgettable dining experience at Somos Peru Restaurant, your haven of Peruvian culinary excellence in The Hague. On February 14th (FULLY BOOKED) and 17th, join us for a romantic journey through our exclusive Valentine’s Day menu, carefully crafted for you and your special one! Valentine’s day special menu: 1. […]